List of Official Fanclub


[I AM] - 2AM


[Black Jack]- 2NE1

[4NIA] 4Minute

[ Play Girlz] After School

[Diadem] T-ara Unofficial

[Kiss Me] – U-KISS

[B2UTY] – Beast/B2st

[Everlasting] – Brown Eyed Girls

[Boice] C.N BLUE

[WonderFul] - Wonder Girls

[Andromeda] - Teen Top

[Runways] - F. CUZ



[Inspirit] - Infinite

[Say A] - Miss A

[V.I.P] – Big Bang
Meaning : V.I.P. is short for ‘Very Important Person’

[Primadonna] - FT Island
Meaning : FT Island’s first album’s song title is called ‘prima donna’. It also means that the fans are the heroines of their life.

[Affxtion] - F(x)
*fans are Affxtionist Unofficial

[Kamilia] – KARA
Meaning : Kara means “sweet melody” in Greek. Kamilia  is formed from (Kara + Familia)

[A+] Mblaq
 Meaning: All of the members have blood type A and that thier absolute quality is A+

[E.L.F.] – Super Junior
Meaning: Everlasting Friends

[SHINee.W] (SHINee World) – SHINee
Meaning : ‘Shinee World’ =‘Shining Land’! It’s a name that’s filled with a lot of spirit.

*[Stands ('Strong Till All Nine Disappear')] - SNSD Antis Losers

[TripleS] – SS501
Meaning:  ‘Until the day they become Super Stars, all 5 members will be 1(one) 0?? (youngwonhi meaning
forever) ‘ which is how they made the name SS501.” They added another S to the ‘SS’ which stands for ‘supporter’ and put together gives 3 S’s. That’s how the name TripleS came about.

[Cassiopeia] – DONG BANG SHIN KI aka DBSK / TVXQ
[Big East] – Tohoshinki
Meaning : ‘Cassopeia’ is the name of the constellation of 5 stars that shine brightly in the sky Just like the name, the five members of Dong Bang Shinki  shine brightly just like the stars do.
also the positioning of the letters TVfXQ (variant name) in the keyboard resembled that of the Cassiopeia constellation

[Airen] Lee Seung Gi

[Prism/Prismatic] - Rainbow

[BANA] - B1A4

[Bestfriend] - Boyfriend

[Pink Panda] - A Pink

[Henecia] - Kim Hyun Joong

[Y.E.S] - Heo Young Saeng
 Meaning: Youngsaeng Eternal Supporters

[ThanKyu] - Kim Kyu Jong
Meaning:  Thankful for the existence of each other all the time and to become the always thanking.

Etymologies of Group Names

DBSK – Dong Bang Shin Ki / TVXQ - Tong Vfang Xien Qi / Tohoshinki 
SS501 (Super Star - Five Members United as One Forever)
FT Island (Five Treasure Island)
(One Day) divided into two as 2PM and 2AM
> 2AM - tend to sing slow songs 
> 2PM - tend to dances, raps fast songs because JYP believes that 2PM is the hottest part of the day
SHINee (SHINE+ EE from ..like employEE)
U-Kiss (Ubiquitous Korean International Super Star)
2NE1 ( New Evolution of the 21st Century)
4Minute (In a minute, they would capture the hearts of the fans)
C.N. Blue (Code Name Blue)
F(x) (Flower + Female’s Double X-Chromosome)
BEAST (Boys of the East Standing Tall) / B2ST (Boys to Search for Top)
MBLAQ ( Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality)
ZE:A ( Children of Empire)
Kara (GREEK: Sweet Melody)

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