Tuesday, 12 June 2012

TEEN TOP new junior group, "100% (KPOP BOY BAND)"

FULL CREDIT: allkpop.com

T.O.P. Media CEO Andy has unveiled his second idol group following TEEN TOP named ‘100%‘.

On June 12th, Andy, TEEN TOP, and the members of 100% held their production conference for their new joint SBS MTV show, ‘TEEN TOP’s Rising! 100% – Issue and War‘.

Andy revealed, “The members of 100% joined the company as trainees before TEEN TOP but TEEN TOP ended up debuting first. I feel that it was because of right timing that we have TEEN TOP and 100% where they are. Like Shinhwa, I hope that 100% will be a group that lives a long career.”

So what you all think about TEEN TOP junior 100% band ?

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